Cloud watching…

from “The Cloud”
…I am the daughter of Earth and Water, 
And the nursling of the Sky; 
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; 
I change, but I cannot die…
                – Percy Bysshe Shelley
I’ve been trying to figure out how to capture the ever-changing and endlessly fascinating sky with my water colo(u)r pencils, and I see I’ve collected lots of cloud pictures over the past few years (taken in (randomly)  Port Joli, Lunenburg and New Ross, Nova Scotia; Edinburgh, Scotland; near Dublin, Ireland; near Surrey, British Columbia; Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario; Curcuron, France). Hope these pics make you smile:)

11 thoughts on “Cloud watching…

    1. Hi, Darlene: Yup. Sadly, the two big pelicans who used to be resident at the Pier here on SSI, have disappeared in the past year or so. Glad I took some pictures a few years back! Isn’t the sun lovely?

    1. Thanks for reading/looking, Ellen. We take Charlie to the beach for sunrise almost every day we’re on Saint Simons. It’s a dog haven at that time of the day! We’re loving the sunshine and warmth, and Liam and Rachel come for a visit today!

  1. mirkabreen

    Gorgeous. My favorite are the thoughtful bird and the photo of a mysterious sunset on dark waters.
    Your quotation if Shelley’s poem brought to mind a less lofty cloud song, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell.
    “Rows and flows of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons everywhere
    I’ve looked at clouds that way
    But now they only block the sun
    They rain and snow on everyone
    So many things I would have done
    But clouds got in my way
    I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It’s cloud’s illusions I recall
    I really don’t know clouds at all”

    1. Nice! I remember loving that song as a kid. Nova Scotia singer, Anne Murray, did a version of it in the late ’60s. Sunrise and sunset – can’t get enough of them it seems.

  2. I love watching the sky, the clouds. There’s so much to be seen, so much to imagine. I’m sure you will eventually capture those illusive clouds with your colour pencils.

  3. Well, I don’t give up easily, as you know:) In Toronto for the wedding. Fortunately, the humidity has broken, so we’re hoping for good weather on Saturday… See you sometime!

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