I’ve been thinking about the idea of “home” lately, possibly because my short story, “You Get a Line” is included in the recently-published anthology, My Nova Scotia Home. Many of the pieces are non-fiction, but mine is pure fiction. It’s an interesting collection, and each Nova Scotia writer has a unique take on what home means to them.

As always, Pooh is right, and I’m the kind of person who, in a few days or even hours, can be comfy in a lot of different places. Here are some of the places I’ve felt at home in recent years:

Port Joli House, NS
Sandy Bay fish house, Port Joli, NS
Doris McCarthy’s kitchen at Fool’s Paradise, Scarborough Bluffs
Liam and Rachel’s house, Toronto, ON
Cucuron, France (L’hermitage)
Charlie, Horseshoe Lake, Leville, NS
The Wolfville Library
my writing room
Sea Breeze Cottage, Saint Simons Island, GA
Home, Wolfville, NS
the beach, anywhere:)

Home means different things to different people, I suppose. For me, it’s not the house, it’s not the surroundings or landscape, beautiful as they may be. It’s not the stuff I’ve collected over the years, as nice as all those things are, and finding second-hand treasure is so much fun! Of course, I’m grateful for all of this, and try not to take any of it for granted.


But, for me, home is the people, these people. Wherever they are, that’s home for me.

my definition of home.


12 thoughts on “Home?

  1. davewatsonauthor

    I love your pictures too. Nova Scotia looks quite beautiful! I definitely agree with your definition of home, but might add where the pets are too. Pets aren’t people, but they are a close second.

    1. Indeed. And, of course, Charlie included in the pic that’s “my definition of home.” At the moment, Nova Scotia is drowning, but some days it is quite beautiful, minus the blackflies/mosquitoes!

  2. mirkabreen

    Someone explained to me th charm of baseball. It’s an odyssey of getting back home. It’s also a large part of all stories, whether home is a physical place or a state of mind.
    I especially like your writing table.

  3. Loved all the pictures and what home means to you. It will always be family to me, but there are some places that feel more like home. When we moved to Charleston 8 yrs ago, I cried because I felt I was home.

    1. Nice, Vijaya. I agree. We felt at home the very first year we visited St. Simon’s Island, GA – and we’ve been returning ever since. Haven’t been to Charleston – yet. But hope to get there some day!

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