Adding some colo(u)r to my winter…

Not perfect scans, but still having fun learning to illustrate and designing greeting cards (and writing, of course)…

Page 2, “Karissa & Felix”
Page 16, ,”Karissa & Felix”
Page 13, “Karissa & Felix”


My furry daughter, Charlie


6 thoughts on “Adding some colo(u)r to my winter…

  1. I really like the colours you use! You’ve been keeping busy. You already know I love your work. I am partial to Charlie, though. Hard to resist. Hope edits are continuing to go well.

  2. mirkabreen

    I’m not saying this to be fawning, but I LOVE your illustrations. I’m partial to line drawings anyway, and the naive perspective suits me. Keep it up!

    1. Love that phrase “naive perspective.” I feel like there’s a concerning trend away from “kid-friendly” illustrations to more “adult-friendly” illustrations. Have to say the time I spend at my art desk passes so quickly. And thanks so much for your encouraging note!

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