Inverness Beach – Beach Glass Capital of the World

Shannon and I spent two gorgeous sunny days in Inverness this week – the area, formerly known as Broad Cove,  is apparently the beach glass capital of the world!  The woman working at the desk told me there was an article in the Globe and Mail  five years ago about all the beach glass and since then they’ve had a steady stream of jewelery makers, particularly from New York and the eastern States.  We, of course, lugged home a few pounds with great plans for filling glass containers, making jewelery, etc.  We’ll see…but it was so much fun treasure hunting while walking the beach!  I’m sure it must be the nicest beach in Nova Scotia.  A river feeds into the ocean just below MacLeod’s Beach Village cottages, and it’s a great place for kids to enjoy some warmish, fresh water swimming/ playing (when they’re not hunting for beach glass).  Interestingly,although some of the glass is old (she showed me a few pieces that an archaeologist-type told her would have been ballast hundreds of years ago – they looked like stones to me), there was once a dump in that area so a lot of the glass no doubt came from there (pre-recycling).

We took in some step-dancing and fiddle music at the fire hall and had a cold beverage at The Hoff.  Stopped in Mabou for breakfast on the way home, and had the pleasure of seeing a real-life cowboy ride into the cafe parking lot just ahead of us, dismount with a great flourish, buy a cuppa and ride off – said he was on his way to Judique, but couldn’t let his horse “open up” because of the speed limit and all:)

When I go on little jaunts like this, I always wish I had a notebook – so many interesting things pop up that I just know I’ll forget immediately – took a few pictures to help me remember.  Some of them are even half-decent!Inverness, 2011 020

This week, I’ll be back at my writing and pursuing my current obsession with the puppy section on Kijiji! We met a beautiful Irish Water Spaniel on our travels, but I think they’re pretty rare  (read – EXPENSIVE!)

2 thoughts on “Inverness Beach – Beach Glass Capital of the World

  1. Guaranteed – Miss Charlotte would love Inverness! There were tons of families with kids there. Of course, it is about a five-hour drive, though…Enjoy your visit with Margaret!

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