New Babies (and the Carver/Stinson Retreat)

Charlie - he's a she:)

So, even though I’m away at the Carver/Stinson writing workshop in Port Joli all next week, we have a new puppy!  Her name is Charlie, and she’s a reddish golden retriever.  She seems very sweet and smart – maybe too smart as we haven’t found a way to keep her confined to the bathroom while we’re out, yet…Even with plywood wired onto the baby gate, she managed to get enough traction to get over the top in about 30 seconds!  It’s hilarious to watch her work at it – love her sticktoitiveness, but we need a solution as I’m not comfortable keeping her in her crate for long periods of time when we’re both out.  It feels so great to have a dog around again – it’s been four months since Bailey died. As soon as we saw the puppies, as Don said, my IQ dropped 75 points, and my voice went up two octaves, I’m sure…think I’m hardwired for baby talk:)

Also on the baby front, Jacob and his wife Jenty welcomed a daughter to their family last week – Adau Heaven, after Jacob’s mother.  I haven’t met her yet, but I’m sure their household is crazy busy with three small children now.  No doubt Deng and Jabu are being helpful big brothers.  Jacob will be guest speaker at the SMU Alumni dinner during Homecoming weekend this year which will be a great opportunity for him to talk about his work with Wadeng Wings of Hope (

Thanks to Access Copyright, I’m leaving on Sunday to spend the week with seven other children’s writers (including MY editor,  Peter Carver, and his partner, Kathy Stinson).  Access Copyright gave me a professional development grant for the workshop.  I’ve been twice before, and it’s a super-productive writing time.  I’ve been obsessed with Charlie lately, so it’ll be nice to concentrate on my writing life for a few days and connect with other writers.  Charlie’s been staying in her crate for 5-6 hours at night – hope that continues so Don can get through the teaching week without collapsing in exhaustion…He should be really happy to see me when I arrive home next Saturday:)

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