Hero at the 7-11!

P1000562Despite my meticulous planning via Google Maps, I got lost driving from Surrey into Vancouver yesterday. All of a sudden the 91N became the 91W, so I exited and pulled into a 7-11 to see if they might have a map. Response: “We used to carry maps, but they didn’t sell.” So, I really should have gotten a GPS with the rental car, and I really should have a data plan on my phone. Anyway, the guy was so kind, and looked up the school on his phone, and it turned out I was only an easy 20-minute (non-highway) drive away:) He couldn’t possibly realize how much stress he saved me! It’s a weird feeling being someplace you’ve never been before without a map.

St. Andrews School is a neighborhood Catholic School, and I spent an hour with a grade 4/5 group, and also a 2/3 group. They had so many great questions, we ran out of time. The Librarian, Monica Lowe, and the Principal, Marian McDermott, were both super welcoming, making sure I had all that I needed, including bakery cookies at recess:) I signed about 50 autographs for the grade 2/3 students, which always makes me laugh.

Last night, I had a delicious 3-hour dinner at The Boathouse Restaurant on the water in Port Moody with Faizel Laher, my editor at Caramel Tree Readers. P1000567We’ve now done 15 books together, and it was wonderful to meet in person. He’s a lovely, gracious (and very tall, as I found out) man, and we could have talked a lot longer, but I was tired.

So, I’ve just sharpened my 144 golf pencils for the last time as I head out to Heritage Mountain Elementary here in beautiful Port Moody. Then, the drive back in to Vancouver…P1000558


2 thoughts on “Hero at the 7-11!

  1. You have had the most awesome experience. The children of BC have been so very fortunate to have you visit their schools and libraries. Those folks at 7-11 are so very helpful. They have helped me out many times. I lived there for 25 years and was still getting lost on a regular basis.

  2. Kind of nice to be back in NS today, although I’m proud of myself for navigating around the entire Lower Mainland without a GPS (but I would get one if I did it again…)

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