400 Excited Children!

P1000549I spent all of today at Khalsa Primary School in Surrey, visiting with four groups of K/1 students – each group had about 100 kids! And they were so much fun! For many of them, Punjabi is the language spoken in the home, and I wore a head scarf all day (see pic) “to show respect.” It was surprisingly comfortable, and I didn’t have to keep pushing my hair out of my eyes all day:) The teachers and children were all lovely – respectful, engaged, funny and friendly. And they gave me two beautiful cards which most of the kids had signed, a sweet flower arrangement, and a box of chocolates! Thank you so much for inviting me!P1000548

Yesterday I spent the morning with the students of Southridge and H.T. Thrift Schools (at the Semiahmoo Branch of the Surrey Libraries; thank you to Ginny who hosted my visit). We packed about 60 kids and a dozen parents into a pretty small room, but it seemed like they all enjoyed themselves. Energy plus!P1000536

In the afternoon I met with grades 4 – 7 students at the tiny Port Kells Branch of the library. There were about 40 of them, and I honestly think it was the best school visit I’ve ever had. They had amazing energy, and after I read a few pages from A HARE IN THE ELEPHANT’S TRUNK, one boy blurted out, “That was so awesome!” Words to warm a writer’s heart:) Thank you, Kai, and thank you Carolyn who coordinated all my visits to the Surrey Libraries, and to Judi who hosted my Port Kells visit. I had a delicious dinner at Wendell’s Bookstore in Fort Langley yesterday – a sweet little town of about 3500 people – I felt right at home there!

Tonight I’m hoping I’m so exhausted that I’ll sleep for at least 6 hours in a row – bracing myself for the drives into Vancouver and Port Coquitlam tomorrow… Good night! And to all the teachers, librarians, parents and kids I’ve met – thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so welcome 6,000 kilometers away from home!



2 thoughts on “400 Excited Children!

  1. You are really getting around the lower mainland and sharing your stories with such eager listeners. So glad you are reporting daily. I love Wendell’s Book Store and Fort Langley. What an amazing experience for you. Hope you slept well.

  2. Susan

    Enjoying your daily updates. Your schedule is certainly full! Hope you got and are getting right now, some sleep!

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