220 Names to Learn!

Well, I’ve completed the first two weeks of  a maternity leave position teaching Core French to Grade 6 and 7 students at Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning. The first week I had a head cold and was overwhelmed by the 220 new names. The second week went much better as I had some discipline policies in place and I know all but a few names now, which makes life a whole lot easier!  I had forgotten how much energy young people 11-13 have! They’re lots of fun, but a little too chatty by times…We’re working on that!  We started doing presentations on “Qui Suis Je?” (Who Am I?) last week; for many of them it’s the first time they’ve presented something in French, but  I was pretty proud of those who have already presented. Hopefully we’ll get those wrapped up tomorrow, and then it’s on to Les Jeux Olympiques! 

I haven’t yet heard from Peter with notes on the revision I sent him in early January, and it’s just as well as I’m still finding my way in my new job.  Jacob just left a message asking if he could do anything to help during his study week, so I forwarded him the latest edition of the manuscript and hopefully he’ll get time to read through it.  I watched his documentary (by Noah Pink) a few weeks ago, and it’s very moving. I must mail if off to Peter so he can see it…All for now…

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