A New Job?!

I’m about to start a new job! I haven’t worked full-time, outside the house, for over 20 years, so it will be interesting!  I’ll be filling in on a maternity leave for at least the next five months – Grade 6 & 7 Core French and Focused Literacy at Northeast Kings in Canning. Krista, the teacher having the baby, expected to be there until the end of February, but her doctor has said she’s finished and has to stay off her feet more. I’ll do a day of subbing tomorrow, then finish up my ESL at KCA, and start at NKEC on Monday, February 1st.  I’m pretty excited about it, but slightly overwhelmed by the fact I’ll have over 220 students! They rotate in and out of the French room every 30 minutes – I hope I’m up to the challenge of learning that many names.  I have lots of ideas, and I’m taking the approach that it will be similar to an elementary classroom in that they are beginning French learners – but, hopefully, somewhat more capable (and bigger!) than early elementary students. I’m planning to start with a unit on les Jeux Olympiques, since they’ll be happening in February. I know I’ll have a lot less writing time, but I also know I’ll waste much less time. Bonne Chance a Moi!

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