Maxine Trottier & Susan Tooke visit KCA

Thanks to Box of Delights’ owner, and KCA Librarian, Mitzi DeWolfe, we enjoyed a visit from children’s author, Maxine Trottier, and illustrator, Susan Tooke today.  They both have books nominated for the Atlantic Book Awards tonight. We had a few technical difficulties, but the kids did get to hear (via CD) Shauntay Grant read Up Home, her beautiful picture book illustrated by Susan.  They started writing down some of their own “I remembers”, but time didn’t allow them to finish. I was amazed to hear that Susan can illustrate (acrylic paints) an entire picture book in only 6 months!  I’m envious and told her my art hadn’t advanced past the grade 3 level.  Both women were very engaging and the kids were impressed to have two “famous” people visit their school.  Maxine was first published in 1991 and has over 50 books, to date!!  She was a grade 2 teacher for 31 years, and many of those books were written while she was still doing report cards, prep, etc.  She’s happily retired (from teaching) and living in Newfoundland.  Susan lives in Halifax – she would be one of my dream illustrators – if I ever get another picture book published!  The detail she includes in her pictures is incredible.  She invited me to stop by her studio sometime I’m in Halifax.  TTYL

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