365 days isn’t the same for everybody

So, lately I’ve been thinking about time.  How is it that it seems to pass by so much more quickly the older you get?  There are always 24 hours in a day, 365 days, give or take, in a year.  Someone once tried to explain it to me in terms of fractions.  For example, when you’re 10, a year is 1/10th of your life.  When you’re 50, a year is 1/50th of your life, a tiny little fraction of all that has happened to you up to that point.  It sort of makes sense to me, but I don’t like it, however it’s explained.  Since I had an unexpected, and unexplained, heart attack a year and a half ago, time has become very precious to me. It’s depressing to see how much valuable time people waste complaining and being unhappy.  Researching the story of the Lost Boys has also certainly helped me have a brighter outlook on my own relatively easy life here in small-town Nova Scotia.  I only wish I’d been brave enough to volunteer in a country like Southern Sudan when I was younger…Always lots to think about!  TTYL

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