Obituary Advice, and other bits

Years ago, I developed a habit of reading the Nova Scotia obituaries every day. This morning, this little gem caught my eye.

“I think it’s important that each of us wring out of every day whatever we can. Play the game full out, and don’t leave anything on the table. Decide what you want from this month and go for it. This month is going by no matter what we decide to do, so take a few minutes and write down all the things you want to accomplish this month and attack the list.”  (with thanks to the late Michael Crosby)

Farewell to the Lazy Loon = sad Charlie…

Since we sold the cottage just over a month ago, I’ve been following Mr. Crosby’s advice and keeping very busy with daily lists, getting ready to be away for a couple of months in Ontario awaiting the arrival of our first two grandbabies😊 I’m still sewing masks, plus kitchen towels and mug rugs in addition to my soul smiles greeting cards and books, all of which I sell at the Wolfville Farm Market Store. Stockpiling for the two months of Christmas has kept me extra busy, although most days I feel like I’m rushing to cram all the stuff I want to do in to each day. Since the heart attack I had when I was 47, I’ve lived my life with gusto – we never know what lurks around the corner, so make hay while the sun shines!

I have a picture book coming out from Red Deer Press in 2022, Anna Maria & Maestro Vivaldi, which will be illustrated by the wonderfully talented Francois Thisdale, an artist whose work I’ve admired for years. Beverly Brenna is the new editor at Red Deer, and she’s been lovely to work with on this project.

And a little plug for my friend Laura Best’s new book from Nimbus Publishing, A Sure Cure for Witchcraft – I really loved this fairytale-feeling book about soul friends connecting across the centuries. If you have middle grade readers in your life who are fans of Gail Carson Levine’s books (like Ella Enchanted), I think this book would be right up their alley.

Excellent book – pretty good friend, too:)

Fall has given us beautiful, warm weather and sunshine here in Nova Scotia. Hope things are going well in your corner, and that you and yours are vaccinated and staying safe! I think we’re close to having 85% of eligible Canadians vaccinated now – yay us!

9 thoughts on “Obituary Advice, and other bits

  1. It sounds like you are keeping busy. Some great advice found in an obituary. I do find them interesting too and a great place to collect ideas for stories. Your picture book sounds amazing. Keep up the good work. xo

  2. mirkabreen

    It’s more than just keeping busy, which is great advice for managing loss and grief. It’s making sure I’m present to the present at least part of the day, and that each day has at least one thing that feels meaningful even if I’m the lone witness.
    And the Lazy Loon family portrait is a great kick-starter for my day this very day 😀

    1. Nice to “see” you, Mirka. Hope all is well in your corner these days. Love that phrase – “present to the present” – it’s wild that we have to consciously make ourselves do that most times.

  3. Janet Robertson

    thanks for the update Janet You are right t about life 2 yrs ago I had to get ready to sell 135 dominion because of health reasons and I was lucky that there was a unit ready to sell at 20 Winchester in Wynn Park where I could take my trusty beagle of 13 yrs and have a back and front small yard and clothesline! It was a perfect fit for me Susan and Scott agreed. You likely know Wynn Park is a 30yr old retirement village and very modest but homey me to a tee!and the neighbors are all friendly but not too friendly you know what I mean. I still like it here but was thinking all last winter people here with family in Truro are so lucky they see their family often so having 2 greatgrandchildren living outside Antigonish and Susan and family living there plus 2 grandsons and a sister and family I decided when the beagle is no longer here I shall make the move to Antigonish! Hoping that will be with in a yr or two time goes too quickly! I visited and applied to the Maples retirement home and town homes and apartment to be on their waiting list and whatever is available under their umbrella that is where I will be !I prefer the town homes but who knows what my health will be then and that will be what I will go to!I said when and if I reach 84-85 I want to be near family that I can see every day ! OH Yes we finally got a little girl amongst the 6 boys A greatgrandaughter for me Rosie is her name and she is 3 going on 13! She doesn’t miss a trick and keeps her brother in check!She gives Susan and I so many laughs and yes loves to bake and loves to eat like her great grandmother!
    You definitely are doing the right thing be near your grandchildren it is an experience you will cherish forever ! Having 2 at the same time will keep you busy but very nice busy ENJOY! Good luck and all the best!

    1. Thanks for catching up, Janet. And moving to Antigonish sounds like a good move for you and yours. Rosie is a very cute name – you are rich in family! We’re just in Ontario for these two months waiting for the babies’ arrivals, but we are starting to look for a cottage somewhere between Toronto (where Liam is) and Kingston (where Shannon is) so we can spend time with everybody. Hope you’ll enjoy a warmish winter!

  4. Hi Jan,
    I’ve been meaning to connect again – and what news you have to share! Two grandbabies!! What a fabulous way to wring every drop out of life; I hope this exciting chapter in your family brings great joy. And congrats on the upcoming book + your continued successes with other creative ventures.

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