The End (and the beginning …)

Here in sunny Georgia, I’ve been putting the final polish on my middle grade novel, Talking to the Moon, due out in May from Red Deer Press, and thinking about how much work is involved in creating a book, for so many people. The list of contributors in movie credits is extremely long – everybody gets a mention; not sure why that doesn’t happen with books.

I began doing the research for this one back in 2013 – so almost five years from initial idea to publication. Because structure is not my friend, I figure I’ve written the entire novel 6 or 8 times by now, with constructive and key bits of advice from more than a few people along the way. I’ve read the manuscript approximately 1,000 times, and probably there will still be at least one typo, despite the sharp eyes of my editor, Peter Carver, and the keen attention to detail of the copy editor, Penny Hosey.

We don’t have a final cover, yet. Hopefully soon …

So ultimately, I ask myself – why do I do it? For me, I had to tell this story, in part, because it includes a bit of my family history, but mainly because once a character becomes real to me, I need to stick with them, and help them tell their story, right to the end. They need to be heard!

I don’t think any writer has ever said to themselves, ‘This book is perfect,’ but I’m satisfied that I’ve done my best with Katie’s story; I’ll miss her …

Now, on to the next project …

13 thoughts on “The End (and the beginning …)

  1. A big accomplishment for sure. Congratulations! I can hardly wait to read it and I’m sure you can hardly wait to hold it in your hands for the first time. Hmmm…I’m curious about your next project….

    1. Well, still working on the latest version – laid out as it will be in the book. The nit-picky details never seem to end, but they’re telling me it’ll be available mid-late May! See you soon!

  2. mirkabreen

    Love the photo of you, beautiful lady.

    It seem to me that when I start writing a new novel, I sort of put the blinders on about how much more work is ahead. Otherwise, I’d be like the multitudes who always wanted to write a novel but never did. Having done it a few times, I know it is a long road. But I pretend it will come out through my typing fingers in pristine shape the very first go… and then the second draft… and the third…. and so on.

    So, yes indeed, brava to you and the whole team who worked on TALKING TO THE MOON.

    1. Thanks, Mirka – the jug has been in my family since the 1750s, and it’s key to this novel. I was a little nervous taking it out of its case for the picture:) I’m sure there are people who can write a publishable novel in two drafts, but I’m sure not one of them! I’ve been involved in the cover design for this one, which I really appreciate.

    1. Thanks for reading, Katie. Finishing a book isn’t something that ever gets old. And the best is yet to come – once I have it in my hands (until I find that first typo that many experienced eyes overlooked:)

    1. Thank you, Marcia – it still tickles my fancy to think of an ancestor carrying that jug all the way to Nova Scotia from France in 1752. I hope I’ve done it justice in my novel:)

      1. Oh my gosh, I just noticed your cover for Talking To The Moon on Goodreads, it is GORGEOUS. So perfect. I’m looking forward to it. Looks like our upcoming release dates are two days apart. 🙂

  3. I love the cover illustration for your soon-to-be-released Talking to the Moon, and the blurb has hooked my interest already. I’ll look forward to getting my hands on a copy to add to my NS Authors collection. Nice to see you at Jackie’s book launch for Piper today!

  4. Thanks so much, Peggy. Nice to see you, too – and hear you speaking Japanese!

    As always, I’m nervous before a book comes out, but I know I did my best job on this one, which is all we can ask of ourselves, I suppose:)

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