Doodling the winter away …

I’ve been doodling the winter away (with water color pencils), and having so much fun! I started selling some cards at my local book shop, The Box of Delights, and amazingly, some people are actually buying them! The whole thing reminds me of the FIFTEEN years I spent making toddlers’ clothing and selling my cuddle duds at craft fairs – too many hats, bibs, jumpers and pajamas! But, hey – I got to spend a lot of quality time with my kids when it mattered most. It’s fun having a new creative outlet, trying to combine my love for picture books with words. Sorry the reproduction quality isn’t the best, but technology remains a challenge … Stay warm out there!


12 thoughts on “Doodling the winter away …

  1. Your “doodles” brought a smile to my face. 🙂 Glad you’re having fun with your new endeavors. So cool that others are appreciating your many talents.

    Stay warm and safe tomorrow!

    1. I read about this woman and her ten-year-old twins who’ve started something called “The Friend Send” – they’re sending cards to kids who need a pick-me-up for one reason or the other. I sent her a few dozen cards, and they were thrilled. Bringing smiles to faces – that’s my goal:)

  2. mirkabreen

    I ***LOVE*** these illustrations, and I will not call them “doodles,” even if you do.
    Winter has its charm, ey? More like these^, please.

    1. Hi, Dave – thanks for saying hi. I have a thing about pigs, it seems… And, of course, Winnie the Pooh. Really enjoyed your travel posts. Just booked two weeks in Provence for the fall – wild seat sale.

      1. I’m having fun looking for a place to stay there. And WestJet is going direct Halifax – Paris starting this summer/fall – return was less than $1000 (Cdn) for two people.

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