Bye-bye February

Don’t know what happened to February, but it seems it’s March already. We got snow-dumped a few times last month, but it’s almost all disappeared due to double digit temperatures this past week or so.

In late January, I visited two schools in Toronto as part of the All-Star Reading Challenge for grade 5 students. It’s sponsored in part by basketball star, DeMar DeRozan. The students had amazing questions for me (including one girl who suggested I might want to use more speech tags, and questioned my comma placement:) The students at H.J. Alexander Community School gave me these great gifts:

p1010848Jessica O’Malley, the enthusiastic grade 5 teacher at St. Michael’s Elementary,  worked so hard with her students, reading, doing book reports, and tweeting as the Challenge progressed. Her class didn’t win (the main prize was class tickets for a Raptors game!), but I so enjoyed reading some of what her students wrote about ROCKET MAN, and have this Twitter photo as my desktop background – love her expression!



Over time, this rusted gate and the tree had become one.

I went snowshoeing a couple of times last month;

peace and beauty

peace and beauty

a few things made me pause, reflect, wonder and take a picture. Wherever you are, hope you’re seeing some signs of spring, too!

felt a little trapped upon opening the door that morning...

felt a little trapped upon opening the door that morning…



beautiful reflection that the camera just didn't get

beautiful reflection that the camera just didn’t get

had a nice chat with this horse

had a nice chat with this horse

one forgotten apple - bird food!

one forgotten apple – bird food!

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I'm a Nova Scotia children's author. My first picture book, "Rainbows in the Dark", was published in 2005, by Second Story Press. My young adult novel, "A Hare in the Elephant's Trunk" was published in the fall of 2010, by Red Deer Press.
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5 Responses to Bye-bye February

  1. Darlene says:

    Don´t you just love the things kids say when we do the school visits? I hope your Spring is here to stay.

    • janlcoates says:

      Well, we’re heading to Georgia on March 20th, so hopefully it’ll be here to stay upon our return. It was amazing to be in a room with 25 people who had all actually read one of my books! A rare occurrence…

  2. mirkabreen says:

    The thing about February is that even on leap years it’s still a whizz-by short month…

  3. Your snowshoeing trail looks so beautiful and peaceful!

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