The King of Keji – Launched!

P1000620I have to say launches are super anxiety-producing for me. Asking people to come out and celebrate me isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s part of this writing gig, I guess. Here are a few pics – huge thanks to EVERYBODY (especially people who don’t have a particular interest in kids’ books:) who came out to show their support – big shout-out to my friend and neighbor, Karen Duncan (about to retire from teaching) for helping the enthusiastic kids have fun making their crowns – I owe you! P1000665



And thanks to everybody at Nimbus Publishing (publicist Emily MacKinnon pictured here with Patsy and me) for the book, The Box of Delights Bookshop (yeah Indies!) for hosting, and to illustrator Patsy MacKinnon for the beautiful paintings!

To the parents, grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, etc. who encourage and nurture a love of books in the young people in their lives – you’re the best!P1000651
image002P1000638image001 (2) - Copy

10 thoughts on “The King of Keji – Launched!

    1. janlcoates Post author

      A week later, so happy to have the launch behind me:) But it was more fun than I’d anticipated, and it was the first time I had parents bring little kids (probably because this was my first picture book in 10 years, I suppose). Thanks for reading!

    1. janlcoates Post author

      You’re right, Mirka. Don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point of just deciding to enjoy launches, rather than pre-fretting. Hopefully.

  1. Laura Best

    I guess you can’t go wrong with kids and crowns! It was a lovely launch and I think everyone had a great time. Can hardly wait for the next one. 😀

    1. janlcoates Post author

      Well, I’m already thinking of pig-type crafts for 2016 – maybe I’ll get to launch that one in Toronto and remain anonymous and not responsible for trying to draw a crowd:)

  2. Becky Shillington

    Congratulations, Jan! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Your book looks beautiful!

    1. janlcoates Post author

      Thanks for saying hi, Becky. Did I read somewhere that you’re in South Carolina? We spend part of the winter on St. Simon’s Island, GA – maybe we’ll meet up someday!


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