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Thanks to a grant from the Access Copyright Foundation, I’ll be living in old town Lunenburg for the month of August and researching the arrival of the first Lunenburg settlers (among them, my French Huguenot ancestors from Montbeliard) in the 1750s. I’ve received support from ACF one time before when they gave me a grant to attend the Carver/Stinson writing retreat in Port Joli. Grants are hard to come by, and I’m feeling lucky to have their support for researching this project.


My Menegaux (Mingo) family arrived in Nova Scotia originally in 1752, but as far as I can tell, they then moved to Philadelphia for a few decades before returning in the very early 1800s and settling in the River John area. I have a clay jug that came to Canada with those original settlers, and I’ve always wanted to write a novel, maybe inspired by that jug, somehow connecting a kid today with those original ancestors. I’m planning to dig deep, visit all the local museums, and hope that somebody will introduce me to an expert in the area of the “Foreign Protestants”, as they came to be known.  I’m so curious to see what random bits and pieces I’ll stumble upon that will spark my interest and ignite the story.  It won’t be the story of my actual relatives, but rather of the original inhabitants of Lunenburg, many of whom still have descendants living in the Lunenburg area. Wish me luck!

Do you have a story you’ve always wanted to write?


2 thoughts on “Access Copyright Foundation = Opportunities for Writers

  1. This research sounds like fun. Congratulations on the grant. I would like to write about my Germans from Russia ancestors who immigrated to southern Alberta 100 years ago. (we haven’t lived here as long as your family has) Perhaps someday I will since you have inspired me.

  2. Hi, Darlene – if you’ve never been to Lunenburg (or anywhere on the South Shore of NS), I highly recommend it. I’m still digging around, trying to unearth some family folklore that may have come down through the ages, but it was a long time ago! I hope you do write something inspired by your own ancestors someday.

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