What’s your book about? Not an easy question to answer…

I don’t know about other writers, but I cringe when I’m asked this question.  I guess I’m just not very good at condensing 240 pages down into a couple of glowing sentences, but here’s the jacket copy from The Power of Harmony, which gives a thumbnail sketch of the book: The Power of Harmony, jacket

I’ve been busy putting up posters and hounding people to come to my launches on June 8th and 11th – if you’re reading this, I really hope to see you – cupcakes and smiles at The Box of Delights in Wolfville at 11:00 am on the 8th, and “lunch” (courtesy of The Springhill Heritage Group) and LIVE MUSIC at the Springhill Miners Memorial Library on the 11th at 6:30 pm.

3 thoughts on “What’s your book about? Not an easy question to answer…

  1. Cathy.Touesnard@srsb.ca

    Would love for you to come visit us! Please consider a visit to our school with your new book. I met you

  2. Hi, Cathy: I think half your comment got cut off? But I think we met at the Librarians’ conference? I do lots of school visits through the Writers in the Schools program through the Writers Fed of NS; there’s a day in September for schools to request authors through WITS, but you probably already know that. Please feel free to email me – coatesfamily!ns.sympatico.ca. Thanks for stopping by!

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