Of “Look Books” and “Longtubitis” – School Visits…

I always tell students they need to be nosey in order to be a fiction writer because you never know when a brilliant idea might turn up. I had a fascinating conversation with a six-year-old boy yesterday at Maitland District Elementary – he told me he was writing a “look book”, and his main character had a condition called “longtubitis”.  Of course, I thought I was mishearing him at first, but he then gave me a detailed demonstration of what such an affliction might look like (think Inspector Gadget and his Go Go Gadget arms, only all four limbs). My adult brain could never come up with an idea like that – maybe it should be kids who write books for kids!

I’ll be doing my final WITS visit of the season tomorrow at Annapolis Royal Regional Academy, yet another small rural school on the education chopping block. I think I put over 2,500 kilometres on my car doing WITS visits this year, but it’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.  Thank you, students and staff at these schools, for welcoming me this year!

Bedford South, Central Colchester Jr. HIgh, Cornwallis Jr. High, Glooscap Elementary, Kingston & District, L.E. Shaw Elementary, Maitland District, North Queen’s, Rawdon District, Truro Elementary, Annapolis Royal Regional, and Auburn Drive.

My fifteen seconds of fame at Maitland District Elementary

A springy wall at Kingston and District School

Evidence of the Bay of Fundy Mud-Eating Monster, near the lighthouse in Walton, Hants County.

Students at North Queen’s providing some artwork for my (as yet unpublished) picture book story about their neighborhood park, Keji.


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