Governor General’s Literary Award Finalist!

My apologies in advance to my Facebook friends who’ve already shown their support for this, but I had to do a little blog post.  When the publicist at Red Deer Press, Cheryl Chen, called me yesterday, I’d just returned from banging my head against the writing wall at the Acadia Library for four hours; I was shocked to hear the news, to say the least.  I cried, in fact, briefly…Then, I was excited to be able to get on the phone to my editor, Peter Carver, who is still in Port Joli, and share the news with him and Kathy Stinson, and to email my mentor, Gary Blackwood. Still haven’t connected with Jacob, who’s no doubt busy working and parenting three small children!

I went for a walk on the dykes later in the day, just to mull things over, and all I could think of was how proud my parents (who gave me my love of words)  would be, and how I wish they were still here so I could call them…my sister, Nancy, does her best to fill their big shoes!

I believe I’m the only one of the five finalists who hasn’t previously won at least one GG, so I’ll be wildly intimidated, but I do plan on being at Rideau Hall on November 24th, win or lose.  I figure it’s gotta be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing! (PS: Since writing this, I’ve found out only winners are invited to Rideau Hall…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)

Spent the day in Springhill today, researching the manuscript I’m working on.  The CAO of the Town, Don Tabor, was incredibly hospitable and gave me lots of great material to work with. If you’re ever in Springhill, stop by the library (the former Miner’s Hall)  – it’s beautiful!

At least I have more than a month to figure out what to wear!

9 thoughts on “Governor General’s Literary Award Finalist!

  1. Way to go Jan! I couldn’t be happier for you. Enjoy the evening, you so deserve it. You are living proof that if you follow your dream, good things will result.

  2. Jan, I am TOTALLY happy for you! I’m still smiling, and I’m sure you are too. We write and work to get those stories down and while it’s fabulous just to know others are reading what we have laboured over, it’s just plain sweet when we are recognized in other ways for our work. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you….

  3. Yeah, so I just found out today that only the winners actually get to go to RIdeau Hall, so probably I won’t be there after all…Oh well, I have a few weeks to keep my hopes alive until the winners are announced (ten days before the actual ceremony). I do have a couple of little black dresses on file, just in case…

  4. Jan, I am so excited. I attended a Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable breakfast yesterday. There was a silent auction fundraiser and I bid on a bundle of children’s and YA books and was the highest bidder. Your book, A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk was one of the books in the bundle!!! I can’t wait to read it. It is on the top of the pile. Just had to share this with you.

  5. Jan, the countdown is on! Three weeks until you receive your GG Award! How exciting! 🙂

    I sincerely hope – and expect – that you get to wear one of those little black dresses you have waiting for this November 26th ceremony.

  6. Hi, Lynn – I sure wish you’d been on the Jury! Winners will be announced November 15th – I’m busy working on another book, and trying not to think about it too much…but it would certainly be wonderful! Thanks for your continued support!

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