Shortlisted for an Atlantic Book Award:)

I had a chance to listen in on a writerly conversation between Linden MacIntyre, Sheree Fitch, Alexander MacLeod and Sheldon Currie the other night. The occasion was a fundraiser for the Atlantic Book Awards, and Jacob and I (and Shannon) were there because HARE has been shortlisted for the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature (along with The City Speaks in Drums, by  Shauntay Grant and Glory Wind by Valerie Sherrard). The ABA and Atlantic Book Week (May 12-19) are largely organized by volunteers, and I really appreciate the hard work they do to promote Atlantic Canadian books and writers.  I’m looking forward to participating in some readings during the week, as well as spreading some increased awareness of Jacob’s work with Wadeng Wings of Hope.

The cool thing about being able to eavesdrop on the aforementioned conversation was hearing these seasoned writers discuss some of the very same things I struggle with on a daily basis in my word-wrestling life. In particular, it was interesting to hear their tales of where their stories have come from.  Sheree said a couple of things that truly amazed me: a) she can’t type and writes longhand! and b) one of her novels took her 8 years to complete, and another took 5 years!  I spent about 3 years on HARE, and I’m not sure if I could summon that kind of patience and perseverance!

Speaking of patience, I’ve gotta get back to my W.I.P.  Kathy Stinson told me recently that she knows a manuscript is finished when she can’t stand to be in the room with it for another minute.  I haven’t quite gotten to that point, but I’m getting close – as I prepare to read through it for about the 500th time!  Salud! (Dominican for Cheers!)

2 thoughts on “Shortlisted for an Atlantic Book Award:)

  1. As you know, Jan, I’m am totally thrilled for you!! Congratulations, my friend. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Hare is SO reserving of this and it’s great to see it get the recognition it deserves. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support, Laura. I have to admit, the recognition is nice and the committee seems keen to promote Wadeng during Atlantic Book Week, so hopefully Jacob can attend some of the events with me. See you sometime in April maybe…

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