I’ve been reading through the “proofs”; basically the book as it will appear in its final form.  It’s a little scary, but exciting, too!  The whole thing will be close to 300 pages; before I began this project, I would never, ever have thought I could write that many words.  I wrote and researched so much of it quite a while ago now, and I still can’t believe I wrote that many words! I hope some people will be interested in reading them!!

I met with Jacob for a couple of hours in Halifax Tuesday.  He’s finished the courses for his business degree from SMU and is beginning to think about his career.  He was going to chat with Red Deer publisher, Richard Dionne, that afternoon about the relationship between Red Deer Press and Wadeng Wings of Hope. I’ll be sharing royalties with the foundation, and Jacob’s also hoping to sell copies of the book during his speaking engagements  and through the Wadeng website. Jacob was also planning to meet with Dr. Dodds, President of St. Mary’s regarding the book launch, so I’m interested to hear how that goes. I’ve been compiling a list of email addresses for everybody I can think of in hopes of getting a good crowd out for the launch, which I  expect will be held in late October/early November.

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