Always something new to discover…

Liam and I are spending the night at Horseshoe Lake.  Other than the bugs, it’s been perfect!  We took the canoe to the end of the lake, checking for beavers.  We ventured into the Gold River end (and could hear the water literally rushing out of the lake) and discovered a steel bridge over the river.  We got out and looked around, but couldn’t see that the bridge, which was big enough for a car, led anywhere.  We walked up the grassy road on the other side and eventually came to the New Russell Road.  Maybe the bridge was once used to transport logs or Christmas trees?  We were amazed by the heavy-duty steel used in it, although the bulk of it was covered with plywood.  I’m pretty sure it’ll turn up in my writing someday…

This morning I’m up early writing – researching a picture book story with Nova Scotia roots.  I’ve also been looking into my Mingo family roots, and it seems the first of the Mingos (Matthew and son John) didn’t actually live in NS (River John) until 1809, although I’m sure my grandfather and father believed our Mingos had come over on the Speedwell from Montbeliard in 1752.  Our branch, with patriarch Christopher, lived in Philadelphia before making their way to NS, as far as I can tell from my Googling.  My dream was to find some sort of primary resource, a diary or notes, but I haven’t turned up anything yet. I hope to get to the Tatamagouche area this summer to see what they have in their new museum. What I remember from the graveyard tour Gramps Mingo took me on before he died was that one of my great-great-great grandfathers died on May 26, 1860, exactly 100 years before I was born. Cool!

The thing about the lake is the quiet – other than the tapping of my keys, there is no sound whatsoever at 8:30 in the morning.  Last night, the spring peepers were singing up a storm, but the loons must have been sleeping.  When I first got up this morning, to let Bailey out, the lake was perfectly flat, the trees had identical twins in the water, but I see the breeze is picking up already.  Liam was trying to take some author shots of me last night, but the bugs and our lack of knowledge about the camera, didn’t help the process.

I love when I have a new idea for a story – now to apply some self-discipline and make myself actually work on the first draft…

3 thoughts on “Always something new to discover…

    1. Hi, Laura: Since I wrote that post, I’ve gone in a couple of different writing directions. My problem is I have too many ideas (sometimes)! I spent several hours this week working up a Power Point for possible school visits. Now, that’s addictive (and fun!) I hope to spend some time at our cottage off Leville Road this summer – if you’re interested in getting together for some writerly chat, our number there is 689-2587; you could also email me as I’ve just had the internet connected there – hopefully I won’t regret that as Googling is my weakness…

  1. That sounds great! I have a friend who lives on the Leville Road, actually. It’s not so terribly far from here.

    We’ll have to keep in touch. I’ll either call or email later on this summer. Do you know yet when you’ll be at your cottage or is there nothing definite yet?

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