Sir Paul Rocks Halifax!

Spent yesterday in Halifax with friends from Amherst. Spent 2 hours mid-day on the patio at the Lord Nelson Hotel waiting for Paul and his entourage to leave for their soundcheck. The wait paid off, and I was able to get a couple of close-up photos of him videotaping the crowd out of his SUV window (I’ll try to post one of them). The concert was unbelievable; two and a half hours of non-stop Beatles and McCartney hits. How a man of 67 has that much energy remains a mystery to me. The truly amazing thing is that he always looked like he was having the time of his life – and thanks to the giant side screens, you could see his face for almost the entire show. The weather was perfect, although it got a little chilly toward the end; nothing a little singing couldn’t take care of! I can’t imagine the impact that one man has had on the world; musically, politically and socially. And he seems like such a genuine, nice guy – as I said to Eileen, “I want him to be my friend.” In my limited concert experience, this was the peak. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back in Nova Scotia someday! We Love You Paul!

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