Ada Mingo Teen Writing Competition

I was in Truro for the third annual teen writing competition, named after my late Mum, and sponsored by the Colchester East Hants Regional Library.  Thanks to the women who put so much effort into this event each year, and to the students/writers who participate.  We’re hoping to get more entries next year by contacting English teachers personally, rather than school principals, who have so many other papers cross their desks daily.  Mum would be so humbled and touched to see these eager young writers, and honoured to have her name associated with an opportunity for young people to shine in the world of words; so often, it’s the athletes, actors and musicians who are more frequently recognized for their accomplishments. 

Sadly, Peter Carver and Kathy Stinson won’t be having their Port Joli Children’s Writers’ Retreat this year – I attended last year, and the fall before, so I’ll miss my time in their fish house this year. 

Gary had a few more small suggestions re A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk last week, but I think I’m actually finished the manuscript.  The Writers’ Fed is hosting a mentorship reading on June 6th, so I’ll have to select a section to read for that.  I’ll be nervous as it’ll be an adult audience; give me 50 young readers any day for an audience!  As Gary said, they’ll all be hoping for us to do well, as evidence of the value of the mentorship program, and just because it’ll be a writer-friendly crowd.  Hope he’s right…


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