15 solid hours on “A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk”

Just returned from spending the night at our cottage.  I put in 10 solid hours on Saturday and another 5 hours on Sunday, after receiving 7 pages of editing suggestions from my mentor, Gary Blackwood.  The weird part is, I was never bored or tired of reading, re-reading, and revising during that whole time!  The weather was beautiful, 10 degrees and sunny, so I did take a few outdoor breaks.  The manuscript now stands at close to 65,000 words – it started at 21,000 last July when I submitted it to Peter Carver and Kathy Stinson for their Port Joli writing retreat.  WOW!  Never thought I had that many words in me, but there are just so many details that need to be included to make the story authentic, and interesting!  I recently bought a couple of books over the internet about the Dinka people and folktales, and they’ve been very helpful. If you’ve never attempted writing a novel, I can only say be prepared to surprise yourself – it’s a ton of work, but lots of fun, too – provided you enjoy working with words, that is…Still lots more revising to do, but I’m getting there.  TTYL

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