TD Canadian Children’s Book Week – Beautiful British Columbia!

It still tickles me that you can leave your home in Wolfville, NS at 5:30 am and be in Vancouver, BC at 11:30 am (including the four-hour time difference, of course) – but still, that’s pretty fast to go coast to coast – about 6,000 kilometers if you were driving, which thankfully I wasn’t. But I did successfully navigate the rental car out of the Vancouver airport to Surrey – thanks to the Avis guy and Yahoo maps.

I’d forgotten how amazing the mountains are! I worked at Waterton Park in southern Alberta in 1981, and haven’t seen a mountain since, I don’t believe. I’m kind of smitten, and I’m so busy staring at them that I fear I might go off the road!! I did pull over to take the pic on the right (click on it to get the full effect), and the one below is the view from the hotel. The guy who owned the barns was giving me a funny look so I tried to explain to him that I was just taking a picture of the mountains between his barns.

So I haven’t even met any kids yet, but the fun begins tomorrow. It’s full-on summer here, too – saw some lilacs today and lots of rhododendrons. All the trees are in full leaf, too. So far, so good… Thanks for tuning in! And thank you TD and the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC)!P1000499P1000503

Performance tips, please…

I just received my itinerary for TD Book Week – I’ll have 14 presentations in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia in 4.5 days. Yikes! They haven’t told me all my audience sizes/ages, yet, but in four of the visits I’ll be presenting to groups of 100+ students – ALL of them in grades K/1! I can’t believe one school has that many students of that age.

I’m looking for tips, so I won’t look like this…images

I’ll create a PPT specifically for this age group, and I’ll scan Rainbows in the Dark so they can all see the illustrations, but I’d like to have some fun, crowd-control, type of things to pull out of my back pocket, if necessary. Any teachers or writers out there have any ideas they’d like to share?  If only I could play guitar and sing, or maybe tap dance…