Old Friends and Grown-up Kids


My favorite part of the holidays is getting to spend time with friends I don’t see very often – don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden many of them are old friends, friends I’ve had for 25+ years (although, of course, WE are NOT OLD!)  Now that Liam and Shannon are adults (the picture is from 2006, I think), so are their friends, and it’s a treat to see young adults I once knew as babies and little kids  – and they’re nice people, “well brought up”, as they say. A credit to their parents, many of whom are also our friends. As they finish school and scatter, we’ll continue to have our annual party on the 23rd, just to stay in touch, keep connected.

Wolfville has a community Christmas dinner, like lots of communities; a chance for anybody and everybody to share a meal and be together. I hope all of you have a friend (or two) to share the holidays with, and that you have a supportive community to feel part of, during the Christmas season, and all year long. I wish you peace, warmth and love, and I hope that 2013 will be kind to you and yours!

Cape Sable Island

Rainbow Lobsters!

Rainbow Lobsters!

I got to take a couple of days off from editing “The Power of Harmony” this week to visit Cape Sable Island. I was doing a W.I.T.S. visit at Clark’s Harbour School – which has students from primary to grade three! I didn’t know such schools still existed, but it’s wonderful! Students from grades 4-6 also go to school on the Island, just up the road. An interesting way to deal with declining enrolment and still keep two small schools open.

Carter's Beach (Port Mouton)

Carter’s Beach (Port Mouton)

Everything was LOBSTER, as the season had just started a couple of days earlier. I’ve never spent time in a fishing community, and it seemed like everybody was associated with the industry in some way.  The kids were great, and so were the teachers. I drove around the entire Island on my way home, and it’s beautiful – reminds me of Newfoundland (although I’ve never been to Nfld – yet).

I travelled down a few back roads, one of which led to Carter’s Beach (Central Port Mouton) – it’s always an odd experience to be alone on a gorgeous sandy beach, especially on a brisk day. A day when, as someone said yesterday, the “wind is very thin” (as in so thin it slips right in between your buttons, the collar of your coat, etc.) Some day I hope to get around to setting a story somewhere on the coast of Nova Scotia. If you’ve never made it down to Barrington, then across the causeway to Cape Sable Island, I highly recommend it – it’s the kind of place other people picture when you say you’re from Nova Scotia:)

Wonder if Sobey's is paying the lobster fishers the $3/pound I read about today

Wonder if Sobey’s is paying the lobster fishers the $3/pound I read about today

silent watchers
silent watchers